Heather Valentine

I was first introduced to Structural Integration as a modality to explore that may help me avoid the long term effects of scoliosis, which I was diagnosed with at 10 years of age.  I was so inspired by my experience, the work, and its ability to create profound change, both on a physical and emotional level, that I decided to pursue becoming a practitioner as a second career.  I completed my practitioner training in 2011 at the New School of Structural Integration in Laguna Beach, CA, and quickly started to grow my practice in South Lake Tahoe. 

Since beginning my practice, I have continued to pursue advanced trainings in structural integration as well as a variety of other modalities that can both compliment my structural work as well as provide additional avenues for improving balance, posture, strength, and overall function in people's bodies and lives.  I especially enjoy doing this through movement.  I enjoy filling client's toolboxes with ways in which they can help themselves to stay balanced, both physically and emotionally through various movement and breathing techniques.  Giving clients simple cues to bring greater awareness to everyday movements like sitting, standing, and walking, which can oftentimes perpetuate inefficient or non functional patterns in their bodies.   These tools are often given during structural integration sessions, however they are also woven into the movement classes that I teach.  

I have studied movement with Crissy Jory at The Studio since 2012 and have pursued focused courses in aerial yoga and the Joryboard.  The aerial yoga classes provide a fun way to explore balancing and strength building using traction with the fabric and also allowing release in areas that are often heavily bound up, like the hips and shoulders.  The Joryboard classes are a very unique way to explore and improve imbalances in the body.  I really enjoy the creative ways in which I am able to get students to explore their fascial lines in this class.  Introducing external imbalance by use of the fabric and other props to help activate stabilizing muscles while doing subtle strength building movements allows students to move in ways that are more mindful and helps to access the neural pathways of the mind to movement in a different way.  I enjoy helping students explore and discover things about their bodies in a different way.     

Currently, I have become increasingly fascinated with how the brain controls movement patterns in our bodies and am working to add more neural involvement into my work in order to further support the physical balancing of the body as a whole.  I am trained in neurokenetic therapy (NKT), am Level One certified, and am in the process of pursuing my Level Two certification.