80’s – Retired Lawyer 

"I'm new to SI and am surprised how different it is from massage, even deep tissue massage.  It has largely overcome many of the physical limitations of age, raises my energy level, and seems to significantly free me to do a lot of physical exercise that I had given up.  Heather is the only one I have been working with and I strongly recommend her."

 66 - Retiree

“As a result of a few accidents which severely impaired my mobility, I was referred to HEATHER.  My goal was to walk without limping, and to regain my posture.  The was 3 years ago.  I am addicted to the fluidity of my whole and full body movement, which she achieves with her magic each session.  I feel fortunate to be on the receiving end of her gift of healing.”

44 – Outdoor Enthusiast

“SI was the beginning of a self-healing journey for me.  In an effort to relieve my chronic neck and shoulder pain, I signed up for a whole series with Heather.  Through the entire process I learned to be more aware of my body and its alignment on a daily basis.  I also learned a great deal about myself on a deeper level.  Heather made a very positive impact on my life and I highly recommend her to everyone!”

53 – Lawyer

“Adding SI to my bodywork regimen has greatly reduced my back, neck, and knee pain, allowing me to more fully enjoy tennis, hiking, and skiing.  Heather is a passionate, caring, and skilled practitioner, who I highly recommend!”

29 – Aspiring Healer & Lover of nature and health in all aspects of life

 “I was fortunate and blessed to do the 11 session sequence with Heather.  First off, let me tell you she is hands down, one of the easiest people to be around.  She makes me feel so comfortable and at ease.  I would look forward to the appointments, not only to get the physical healing, but just to spend some quality time with her!  She helped me become aware of my body and where it might be a bit off kilter.  It’s been about six months since I had my last treatment and the knowledge and healing she gave me I still think about daily.  I didn’t have a specific injury or ailment, I wished to more acutely align my body and be more in tune with it.  To this day, I am more conscientious and mindful of my posture and how my body moves.  With better posture, I have actually gotten taller, and people in my life have even noticed.  It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and I highly recommend it to everyone.  Thank you Heather!”