Movement Training

I offer a variety of movement tips through my structural integration sessions to help clients retrain their bodies to move more effectively and efficiently.  However, sometimes clients want more movement or even just want to pursue the better balance, strength, and efficiency in their bodies primarily through movement.  This is why I started teaching at The Studio.  Most recently, my focus was on the Joryboard classes as a way to provide individuals with an opportunity to explore and improve alignment and balance in their own bodies.  

The Joryboard class is a small, personalized group class designed around the inventive Joryboard.  The board allows the practitioner to move functionally and three-dimensionally while working with specific muscle groups to balance, condition, and improve the body as a whole.  The board is equipped with specially designed springs, straps, and fabric that enhance the simplest movements.  The practitioner is taught to focus on the breath and movements to increase proper postural alignment and correct neuromuscular patterns in the system.  Versatile enough to challenge the conditioned athlete, yet gentle enough to encourage the beginning student.  A perfect way to stop working out, and start working in.  Get the most out of the time you spend taking care of yourself.

Though I am currently taking a break from teaching group movement classes, please stay tuned for future offerings.